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The Salmon Fishing Simulator is the perfect fish-thru-winter-at-work simulator. It takes little focus from your daily work and allows you to have that little back-of-the-head-salmon-fishing-process running, which is there in the first place anyway. Whether you want to catch a huge atlantic salmon in Swedish Mörrumsån or a even bigger one in Norwegian Gaula or Alta river, or why not Russian Umba, this is the place to visit. You can set up your own fishing business and manufacture your own rods, flies, waders, goodies etc and sell to other fishermen. As the simulator is online, you can challenge your friends and setup competitions. You need to be connected to the internet at all time for the simulator to work. Remember to keep the sound on and wait for the fish to take.

This is how it works

ˇ          Download and install the Software (no spyware or other malware will be installed).

ˇ          Start the program and choose any name you want. However, it is advisable to choose a name that your friends can recognize. You also need to provide a password.

ˇ          First time user is given equipment, a fishing license and 35.000 credits. To increase this, he/she can subscribe for additional funds. Note that each payment will give you full access for 6 to 12 months.

ˇ          Setup your fishing calendar.

ˇ          Add your friends to monitor their fishing luck.

ˇ          Start fishing.

ˇ          Join and/or setup competitions. Both open and closed, private password protected competitions (full version members only).

ˇ          Win prize for daily, weekly and monthly largest catch (paying members only). Note that each payment will give you full access for 6 to 12 months.

ˇ          This simulator will work behind any firewall. As long as you can access this page!

ˇ          Setup a business and manufacture products that can be sold to other fishermen (full version members only).

Coming features

ˇ          Possibility to buy accommodation that can be rented to fishermen.

ˇ          More rivers.

ˇ          Better and more realistic river feeling (running water, better graphics).

ˇ       Possibility to buy a river and administer fishing licenses.






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Five most recent salmon
(4176) båtsman(1) Miramichi14:387,9
(4176) båtsman(4) Umba16:5020,2
(200) George Costanza(6) Alta14:4620,7
(200) George Costanza(6) Alta15:3524,5
(200) George Costanza(3) Gaula15:224,3

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